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Product Description

ORGO is a multi-use micro-mobility solution with electronic controls to easily carry a child, a pet, or cargo (up to 130 lbs.) across all terrains with the touch of a button.

ORGO does not compromise when it comes to solving common micro-mobility problems in the city, at the park, in your yard, or on an adventure. Relieving the strain of constant pushing and pulling up and down inclines is only where ORGO’s innovation starts!

Easily move two kids, a fury companion, and luggage in any combination on any surface. Versatile features make converting the ORGO from soccer practice kid hauler to shuttling the weekly haul from farmers market to home a snap. Uphill, downhill, off-road, or smooth asphalt…ORGO has you covered.

ORGO is feature packed and ready for any family on-the-go.

240W of Power

That’s 120W of power delivered to each rear wheel. Enough get-up-and-go to easily transport 130 lbs. of cargo or precious companions safely up the steepest hills with only one hand (or finger) steering the wagon. With great power comes responsibility… or at least consideration of comfort.

ORGO is engineered with smart soft start technology built-in, so your latte stays in its cup on uphill climbs.

Electric Brakes

ORGO’s automatic electric braking system stops runaway wagons and strollers in their tracks, uphill or downhill.

Easy Fold & Stand Storage

Transport or store ORGO with ease using our quick and easy fold down design. We understand space can be super limited in vehicle trunks, garages, apartments or around the home.

Ingenious engineering with the help of ORGO’s aluminum frame and high-quality fabric construction allow the wagon to completely fold to a convenient size to store in a closet upright, under a bed, or laid in a car trunk to take elsewhere.

All-Terrain Front & Rear Suspension

Independent front and rear suspension with rubber tires create a steady and balanced journey for your child, cargo, and the cup of Joe you should’ve ordered with room.

Durable Aluminum Frame

The seamless aluminum tube frame will withstand the test of time and wear from nearly any excursion you can dream up. The quick auto fold and lock functionality allows for efficient storage when not in use, or easy transportability in any mid-size car. A durable multi-use wagon never looked so good.

Joystick Steering

A lifetime of gaming practice put to real-world use! Easily navigate obstacles, tight spaces, turns, and more using only a single digit thanks to ORGO’s full 360° directional joystick. You’ll need that extra hand for your swagger with all the attention your ORGO will bring.

Multi-Use Cart or Stroller

ORGO functions as both a wagon and a stroller, useful and convenient for anyone. A stroller for kids or fury companions, and a cart for cargo loads up to 130 lbs. safely.

Easily move two kids, a fury companion, and luggage in any combination on any terrain. Versatile features make converting the ORGO from soccer practice kid hauler to shuttling the weekly haul from farmers market to home a snap. Uphill, downhill, off-road, or smooth asphalt…ORGO has you covered.

12 Mile (20 km) Battery Range & Charging

With an average 12 mile range, ORGO has a long drive-time capability than many alternatives and designed to go the “extra mile”. Should you find yourself in need of a longer range for your electric wagon or stroller, have no fear, the rechargeable lithium ion battery is also removable and swappable for quick recharge.

Travel and Camping Friendly

Up to 130 lbs of luggage can be easily moved. Especially, you can enjoy a very comfortable experience on both the uphill and downhill. Feel the power of the electric.

Relaxed Posture

Don’t lower your back any more when you’re climbing uphill. Make sure you don’t have any more trouble moving around with your children at happy times. Stand up for your posture.

Travel in Pairs

Designed to serve your family long past stroller days, the push or pull wagon is ideal as a stroller for kids and children with special needs. From baby to kids can be used for longer usage period with one purchase.

Child Safety Lock

The Child Safety lock button prevents children from operating their products to prevent emergencies. We must protect our child’s safety.

Double -Safe Battery

Two Color Options

ORGO comes in two timeless and sleek colors made from high-quality, water resistant fabrics. Everything matches with the soft charcoal tones of ORGO’s dark grey option, while ORGO’s navy blue option is dripping with high-end class. A chic stroll or the rugged outdoors- you can’t go wrong choosing one… or both!

Tech Specs and Features

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