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    A company that creates values as an essential aspect of mobility

    No burden of moving people and luggage in all terrain.


    Our DCART team will help every people can move easily people and luggage.

    Many people suffered from heavy luggage and moving people in various roads and situation. Especially it was very hard to move in uphill road and very dangerous in downhill road.


    So we’re making micro mobility for the all people in worldwide, it is very easy, comfortable, and safe. We’re also researching and developing the autonomous driving technique for adopting our micro mobility.

    DCART Story

    Innovation to move people and luggage

    DCART creates a world where we can move freely wherever we want to go. From the cradle to the grave, we create a world where movement is not inconvenient.

    Develop valuable products that can move comfortably even if you have a load and help you make your life more comfortable.

    R&D of various smart mobility technologies

    Starting with an electric wagon ORGO, we develop a variety of mobility that directly helps us in our daily lives. It continues to grow with various product roadmaps and technology development capabilities focused on the last mile.

    Creative Ideas Leader

    Our idea is not to be great, but to bring comfort to our daily lives.

    Our idea of developing mobility for everyone to move comfortably is going to be a trend that represents this area.

    Our Product “ORGO”

    We’re very pleased to introduce the 1st electric wagon in the world. To keep beautiful memory with your family, we’re focusing to help you to suffer from heavy luggage and you children in any road.


    ORGO response well any terrain.  ORGO will also give you value and satisfaction because you don’t have the burden of any heavy luggage with your kids in any terrain.


    ORGO will present exciting and new experience.

    ORGO Features

    Easy control with joystick
    Water PROOF and UV Fabric
    ORGO Logo
    Separation Bag and Body
    Safety reflective strap

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    5800 S. Eastern Ave.

    Suite 500



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